Nicolas Papassinos-Bletas

BA (Hons) Photography - Middlesex University London

Nicolas Papassinos-Bletas, born in 1982, is a Greek artist based in Athens. He is interested in fine art and environmental photography, focusing in activities in public spaces and private workspaces, stemming from his interest in action, journalistic and social documentary photography. Besides, other areas of his interest include landscape and light-painting photography; however, he has been also working commercially in the fields of architectural, interior design and still-life photography.


The Triangle in Frame, Athens, 2019
Kypselian Salon, Athens, 2019
AKTO Graduate Show, Athens, 2020


Moments, Athens, 2019
Places, Athens, 2019
Actions, Athens, 2020
Photography & the Vietnam War, Athens, 2020
Avantis, Athens, 2020